“Accident prevention; Our number one intention”

Health & Safety is at the heart of all we do here at Instrotec, and it is very much so driven from the top down, with absolute buy in from the MD and Senior Management Team.

Our aim is to maintain and improve our high safety standards that are already in place, and this can only be done by persistent efforts by all employees within the business. It is emphasised that responsibility for safety, health and welfare at work flows from the highest level of management to the employee. The key to our success is our work force. They are our most valuable asset, and we continually encourage all employees to be the best they can be, while providing them with safe working environments.

We endeavour to improve safety awareness on an ongoing basis, and this can be reflected within our accident statistics. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach regarding the ongoing upskilling of employees from all levels within the business thus ensuring that Safety, Health and Welfare at Work is dynamic and does not become a creature of routine.

We have implemented a process of persistent and continual development in health and safety, applying the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 EHS Management Systems and we have been accredited by EQA in the above as well as the 45001 Surveillance Audit.

We are proud to say we first became certified in 2020 and continue to hold our certification passing our yearly audits since. Department leads and management will strive to make every attempt possible to continue to deliver the high standard of work across our projects with the documentation and processes in place to back it up in terms of Safety standards and Quality & Environmental Factors. We seek to improve our EHS performance through the setting of our targets and objectives, which are reviewed on an ongoing basis